Ways To Build Content!


The main factor of a good SEO strategy is to add quality contents to your site. But, webmasters and business owners ask ‘How to get Quality Contents for my site?’ Here’s a few ideas to add good and relevant contents to you site:

o A calendar of events – See what is happening in your area that is related to your target market and industry. Add a calendar of related events.

o Pictures - Add Pictures of events, places, buildings, projects etc. with a single-paragraph description about them. Try to be relevant.

o Blogs & Forums - Add Blogs and Forums with your web site. Post news and product update/reviews and let people comment about them.

o Articles – or pages of interest to your target audience

o Q&A Session – let visitors ask questions related to your market / field / expertise and give them your expert opinion.

o Tips section – post tips about your business fields and let other expert post tips.

o Add FAQ Section

o Add How-to guides & tips

o History of your industry / trends in different countries

o Interviews – Take & Publish interviews of experts in your industry

o Post Videos – related to your industry or video lectures / tutorials

o Community-related pages –

The Four Points Plan To Be An Entrepreneur!


Starting an internet business or startup isn't an easy task. You need to give yours best when it comes to your own business. If you think that an ordinary person can start a business..You are wrong!

When you decide to start your business, you cross the line and move to upper level of ordinary peoples. By starting a business you tell other people that you can take risks, you don't want to take orders and you don't need someone to force you to do something in there way.

But to not to be an ordinary people you do need some skills and abilities. Skill like analyzing, ability like planning. But how much planning?

You have heard people saying that a true entrepreneur is the one who has Five years plan for his business. Do you really think someone is crack enough to make a five year plan when he is struggling to set up his business and to be fair nobody do this kind of stuff?

To make it simple all you need to know is how can you setup your business and how gonna you promote it.

When you have answers of these questions, you need to think about how you expand your business. The ways and the resources you need. The paths you need to follow, this is all you need.

To help you, here is a simple planning structure or the points you need to consider when you are willing to run your own business.

1. Write Your Business Plan
A solid plan can help you start off strong and stay that way. You need to mention How you gonna setup your business.

2. Finding Your Target Audience
The second most important setup is to know your market. Choose your target customer, then take aim in the right direction.

3. Choosing a Name
Naming your business isn't an easy task. You need to come up with a name that is catchy and not odd. Think about your branding.

4. Getting the Word Out
Planning that how will you Spread the word is as important as the word itself.

Consider these four points and you will be a successful web entrepreneur.

Google Enhance Its Cache Showing Feature!


Google has enhanced its cached showing feature. Instead Of showing Yellow high-Lighting's Its now showing the text in more structured manner. Here is the snap show of new enhance cache showing format.

Click the image to Enlarge it.

May be Google has update its cache features too.

Google Favicons Story - The Other Google Favicon's!


A favicon, acronym of favorites icon, also known as a website icon, page icon or url icon. This small icon is associated with a particular website or web page and represent it.

The standard size of favicon is 16 x 16. To display a favicon you need to add a rel attribute in the head section of website and it usually place in the root directory. In Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari favicons are displayed in all available tabs

Ok Enough.

Its not long ago that Google change its main Favicon. The old Favicon is a Capital G in a box, but the new one is small purple g.

So I decide to collect all the FAVICONS of the services or websites that are owned by Google. I am not sure that I got all of them but these are the maximum I can find. And Yup I do found some interesting stuff too. :)



These Pages are still showing the Old Google FAVICON.


The internal Pages from these pages also shows the same old Google Favicon.

Yes these are the pages which don't have any Favicon.



Google Docs

Google Pages



Google Desktop



Here is the Google Help Center Page from where you can see the Products Google Offers. LINK

Google Adword Keyword Tool Update!


Google has Updated its Google Adword Keyword Tool. It now showing the Approx Search Volume in numbers rather than in Green bar.

Here is the screen shot of old Google adword keyword tool.

And here is the new Adword Keyword Tool Snapshot

Here is the help guide to the sections showing in Google Adword Tool,

  • Web traffic is influenced by seasonality, current events, and a number of other factors. The level of search volume on your keywords, therefore, is constantly fluctuating.
  • Location and language targeting: If you access the Keyword Tool from within an ad group, the search traffic statistics will factor in your campaign's country and language targeting (if you target a region or city, only the country will be reflected). If you use the standalone or external Keyword Tools, your country and language selections will influence these statistics. Learn about the different variations of the Keyword Tool.
  • Match type: The Keyword Tool's statistics vary depending on your selection from the Match Type drop-down menu. If you select Broad or Phrase, the tool will factor in certain variations of your keywords that could potentially trigger your ads. Learn about keyword match types.
For More Help, Here is the page, LINK.

And Hey,

Google Adowrd Keyword Tool is still showing the old Google FAVICON. RITE ??

Bored With Internet!!!


Source= Link

Google Suggestion Gone Wild!


Here are some coolest suggestion given by Google to there user. Enjoy!


Google Page Rank


Google Page Rank..the green bar on Google tool bar ranking the web page by giving it points from 10. Ever wonder what is its purpose? Why it is so important(IT IS IMPORTANT)? Why one want 10 out of 10 (OK its a real tough task nearly impossible) or want an increase in it? These and many more questions about Page Rank are constantly raised by many peoples and SEO’s too. Here is a “summary”(not the same article) of most comprehensive study originally done by smashing magazines about Google Page Rank. The most kool thing about this article are the tools that provided with the article about Page Rank. Read it and see that what you know about Page Rank till now is rite or…?

What is PageRank?
It is one of the factors that Google Use for measuring importance of a page. Moreover it has nothing to do with page quality or topic relevancy. Its only measure the importance of a page by counting how many links that page got.

“Google uses many factors in ranking. Of these, the PageRank algorithm might be the best known. PageRank evaluates two things: how many links there are to a web page from other pages, and the quality of the linking sites. With PageRank, five or six high-quality links from websites such as www.cnn.com and www.nytimes.com would be valued much more highly than twice as many links from less reputable or established sites.”
By Google Librarian Central

How Does PageRank work?
Ok this thing is still under study (obviously by SEO’s) How that things work. An equation is derived to calculate how it works or how it ranks a page. Here it is

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn)).

That’s the equation that calculates a page’s PageRank. In the equation ‘t1 - tn’ are pages linking to page A, ‘C’ is the number of outbound links that a page has and ‘d’ is a damping factor, usually set to 0.85.

One thing is also said that If a page got PR 10 and it got only one link on it than this link will get the wholw link juice and get a fair amount of PR too. So having a link on a page with greater Pr is important but number of links on that page is also important.

Since Google Page Rank is logarithmic in its calculation so each Page Rank level is progressively harder to reach. If it takes 10 steps to reach for PR1 than it will take 25 steps to reach for PR 2. Page rank update after every 3 or 4 months. Here is another interesting thing about Page rank is..

“PageRank is based on incoming links, but not just on the number of them. Instead PageRank is based on the value of your incoming links. To find the value of an incoming link look at the PR of the source page, and divide it by the number of links on that page. It’s very possible to get a PR of 6 or 7 from only a handful of incoming links if your links are “weighty” enough”


  • Inbound Link
  • Adding Pages Decrease Page Rank
  • Decrease in Page Rank of Pages that have link of your website
  • Links from and to high quality related sites
  • Content updates don’t improve PR
  • Content is not taken into account when PageRank is calculated
  • Page Rank doesn’t consider site age, backlink relevancy and backlink duration.
  • Wikipedia Links don’t improve Page Rank after they implemented NO FOLLOW TAG .
  • Listing in DMOZ and Yahoo! doesn’t give your site a special PR Bonus
  • .edu and .gov-sites still contraversal
  • Links marked with nofollow-attribute don’t contribute to Google PageRank.
  • Links from one page to itself don’t improve Page Rank
  • Bad incoming links don’t have impact on Page Rank
  • Dangling links(links that point to any page with no outgoing links) don’t have impact on Page Rank.
  • Efficient internal linking
  • Anchor text
  • Links from top ranked pages in Google
google page rank


All Pages PR
All Pages PR of your website in simple text format

Page Rank From Different Data Centers
Page Rank on different 30 data centers plus genral info about website

Page Rank Calculator
A calculator to determine share of Page rank

Live Page Rank
See the Live and current Page Rank for a website.

The Myth Of NoFollow Tag


Nofollow tag is an automated tag on every blog now and almost on all sites too that accepts user suggestion as comments or via guest book. So what is this tag and what's its purpose?

According To Wikipedia (Yeah wikipedia knows SEO too)

"nofollow is a non-standard HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index."

According To Google

"When Google sees the attribute (rel="nofollow") on hyperlinks, those links won't get any credit when we rank websites in our search results."

nofollow tag look like this


Many webmaster and SEO's believe the wikipedia and Google definition for nofollow tag that is nofollow tag effects a site ranking in Google Search Results. In many seo and webmaster forums we have seen a lot of debate on this issue, which always result in two conclusion. One is of course according to google point of view, that nofollow effect ranking position. But there is also some SEO who believe in somethin else. According to them NOFOLLOW only effects pagerank of a webpage and not ranking.

According to those SEO's

"The new nofollow link tag is supposed to provide webmasters with the opportunity to add a link to their website without leaking PageRank to the page they are linking to."

According to PageRank Theory

All links on a page which have some page rank got equally divided part of that pagerank to them too. This phenomena also known as Page Rank Dilution.

Here is a complete info about Page Rank: Google Page Rank

For example If a page has 4 page rank. And it contains 10 links on it of other websites than these 10 links get equally divide Page Rank Love from that page. This will increase the page rank points of those 10 pages, have their links on that page.

So what is the reality? Which theory is true and which one is false?

And yes! you may not believe it but 2nd theory is true.

It has been experimented by ME (OK I am not giving you any single detail of those experiments for the obvious reason, but sharing with you the proven result. So still I am good) and many other SEO'z too that link with nofollow tag doesn't affect a web page ranking. In fact it may count as a normal link and play its role in enhancing your ranking as number of links increases.

And since nobody caring a damn about Page Rank now days except Google itself, so these nofollow tags are pretty USELESS. For prove, you can analyze backlinks of some sites on 1st page of google and amazed to find that many of them have their links from blogs using nofollow tag. May be you can't see them for highly targeted keywords but remember Google is sorting out result manually for those keywords. Giving you a little common sense hint that if a page has 5 page rank with 100 links pointing to it from other blogs and you have a nofollow link of your website on that page, what do you think your link worth? Or lets have a fun experiment...Find an .edu blog and comment on some post of it. In NAME section put your keyword or simply put your web page url in comment. Since all blogs have nofollow tags installed automatically, so your this link is a nofollow link. After some days you can see this link as your edu backlink and an increase in your website authority.

So I am not advising you to do spam blogs via comments, but to acknowledge you that nofollow tag is only a myth and it doesn't negatively effect your ranking or its only a myth that a link with nofollow tag have no benefit.

So! Happy commenting.

Yahoo Search Gallery! Now Open For Public


Yahoo has opened the Yahoo Search Gallery for public. Announced at Yahoo Search Blog, Within Yahoo Search users and developers can visit the Search Gallery by clicking the "Customize" drop down from the search results page.

Now you can chose the enhancement you want in results by choosing it from Gallery. And then you can see the refine and enhance results, custom built be developers.

They give some examples too to show how it woks.

Here is the link to original story. LINK
And Here Is the link to Yahoo Search Gallery. LINK

10 Points To Consider Before Thinking Of Doing Online Business!


Many people after reading articles on Become Rich In 24 Hrs are wishing to try there luck. They start digging on for some more articles and sites on this but mostly what they find in the end is link to buy a 100 Pages book on How To Make Money By Doing Nothing. I mean come'on thats pure bullshit.

No doubt there are unlimited chances that you can secure a fortune over internet but its not this easy.

Any Business needs attention and time and in E-business this becomes more important. So If you have now some knowledge of how things work over here, you need to consider the following points or follow the following 10 Points Path to have your online business on run..

  1. Think of the idea
  2. Explore The Niche/Industry Related To Your Idea
  3. Define The Idea..Are You Giving Service or Offering Products
  4. Determine Target Audience
  5. Try to explore There Needs
  6. Draw A Draft of Website Design, Layout etc
  7. Write a list of all the features You need foe example shipping etc
  8. Think of Marketing Ideas
  9. Determine The Budget You Need
  10. Write 30 days worth of content to make sure you don’t run out.

Live Search And Wikipedia: Building Stronger Relationships!


So Live Search too is now officially addicted to Wikipedia. Blogged at there Live Search Blog by Kemp Peterson, the Program Manager of Live Search, Live Search is now enhancing the wikipedia results by including the whole first paragraph and links from table of content.

That will certainly make the Wikipeida result dominating for every single query in Live Search. Here is the image shot of how will the result from Wikipedia appears now.

Here is the link to original story. LINK

Google New Favicon


So Google decide to upgrade its favicon. Here is the snapshot of Google New Favicon. I guess the previous version is more kool. What you guyz say?

7 Tips That Bring Value To Your Money When Shopping For Links!


Despite Google warning about banning the websites involve in link selling and buying, the business is still going on. So when shopping for links keep these points in your mind and you will get value for your money.

1. Link should be relevant means its better to buy link from the sites that are doing the same or related business like masks, event organizing service etc

2. Its better to have site-wide links. Site wide links are those which appear on every page of websites. Like links in side bar and after all you are PAYING for link.

3. Link in the content is best. If you can get it .. go for it.

4. PR is an important factor. No matter how much we deny

5. Domain Age, Indexing of the page are important too.

6. Rotate Anchored Text Often

7. Target students who got blogs with .edu domains.

Happy Link Shopping

SEO Myths And Wrong Concepts - Revised


Its a routine for us, seoz, that someone presents a theory that opposes the prior concepts of Search Engine Optimization and then a long debate start about that theory. And to be honest we do find some very useful info from these debates. But since every thing has a negative aspect too, many wrong concepts too become popular and get promoted by these speeches.

Its a fact that not each strategy is gonna work for everybody. So there may be arguments over it, but in general I found that these concepts are nothing but wrong. Working since 2005 in Internet marketing field, I have worked in different niches and when come to these points I can safely say that they are not as they are told.

1. NoFollow Doesn't Help You In Ranking
It Does dudes, Believe me it does...I have experimented it long time ago and now many Seoz are saying the same thing. For your convenience, here is a food for thought.

A nofollow link from 5 pagerank page which have .edu tld :)
what you say? isn't it gonna help you in ranking?

2. Internal Linking Is Your Navigational Structure
No not at all.

Your navigational structure or menu isn't enough for Strong Internal Linking. Making internal linking strong is something else. Its a link from within the content of one page of your website to the other page of your website.

3. You have to wait for at least 6 months for Good RANKING
Yes I mean ranking. Its really not necessary that you have to wait for 6 months to get good ranking in search engines. And even if your domain is new :)
I have done it and I am doing it.

4. Pagerank Is Not A Major Factor When You Go Out For Link Hunting
It is. Yes I know that many seoz including me not recommended it all the time but in general it do play an important role in your website ranking. Do the experiments and you will see how right this statement is :)

5. A Relevant Link Is ALWAYS From A Relevant Site
Not Always. A strong relevant link is within the relevant content pointing to a relevant site. Its not necessary that the topic of the site on which content is and the topic of the site to which link is pointing should be same.

6. Google Is Human
Its not. It don't give a shit bout your website value when ranking it unless you want to rank your website on 1st slot within a week on really competitive keywords or niche. Don,t believe me?
Check the results for the term mesothelioma in Google ;)

7. Old SEO TRICKS Don't Work Anymore
They do! In real they do. I have read an article some time ago that traditional ways of Search Engine Optimization (Off Page) like directory, forum, article submissions etc don't work anymore now. For your information sir, they do..

8. Social Media Sites Will Replace Search Engines
Its not possible for a tleast 5 years. Why?
How you gonna find social community of your interest ;)

9. SEO Is DEAD..SEO'z Future is not Bright


10. Content is King..
the most controversial, the most debatable

But Yes, it can be wrong.
You are thinking I am crack. Don't ya?

Well I know no one gonna believe it. And anyone can safely say that its content that make or break a site but If you want only ranking(you plan to sell the site afterwards or place links) than focus on links cause Links still play more major role in ranking than content of the site. I know that its your content that attracts links but if you have a database of some thousand pages indexed in Google and you have a little evil mind you can get on top ranking with content from nonsense generator ;). Google algo is based on Links and it remains same unless they introduce a voting system and in other words make the Google.. Social. :)

11. Google is not collecting your personnel info :P

It is. so cheer up

and yes the word Black Hat still makes me excited.

Note : Its my opinions and I am not saying that they are the last words. DO EXPERIMENTS and I am really grateful to you if you care to share those with us here.

Twitter Is down!


Checking today, I have found that twitter is down. They know bout it and they are showing the message that they are fixing it. Here is an snap shot of Twitter gone down.

Any reasons you know?

Google Backlink Query.. With Space Without Space ?


So we are (Ok ME) still having problems with info that Google is showing us about our sites.

At Google Cheat Sheet or Google Advance Operators page, Google tells us a way to check links, a website have or more commonly known as back links. According to it you can check your website / web blog back links (ok a chunk of your website back links) by typing in the following query in Google.


but if you search
link: www.domain.com
(Note: there is a space between : and url)

You will get an entirely different number of links.

Here is the images. You can see the visible different number of links.

Click Here For Image | Click Here For Image

Those two queries shows a different number of same thing i.e. back links. Moreover if you are sign in with your Google account its shows you different number of links compare to when you search without signing in with your account.

So what is the reason behind it? Anyone knows?

Yahoo testing Yahoo Glue Pages in Yahoo India


Yahoo has launched Glue Pages Beta in Yahoo India. Glue Pages are specialized pages that contain an enhanced visual search result page, for select search queries. The search results that trigger the special "Glue Pages" run across searches in health, sports, entertainment, travel, technology, and finance categories.

The Glue Pages combine classic search results on the left hand column with more visual information related to your query in the middle and right section of the page. The results contain images, videos, articles and more.

Here is some more detail at search engine land about Yahoo Glue Pages. Link

Developers Party By Yahoo!


Hey Developers! Want a Party to monkeying around?

Yahoo announced to introduce its SearchMonkey Project via an official Launching party that wil be hel at Yahoo! Headquarters @ URL's Cafe, 701 First Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089on 15th may, 2008.

You need to send your name, information with your company profile to get some seats there as its come first get first party. :)

Yahoo promises to developers that they get the inside scoop on SearchMonkey, can see live demos, deep-dive on the Developer Tool, and meet with there product managers and engineers over and yes FREE food and beer.

Here is the link to original story. LINK

Yahoo! Making The Search Safer..


So Yahoo still copying Google as always :)

Yahoo announce a new feature via Yahoo Search Blog that Yahoo search engine will show which site may be harmful for your computer in there SERPS.
They are using McAfee's SiteAdvisor technology to alert users when risky websites appear in Yahoo! Search results. Currently they are scanning three types of risk that includes

  • Browser Exploits -- These are sites that can stealthily harm a user's computer or install malware simply by visiting the site. Beginning today, any such sites or pages included in McAfee's data will be removed from search results automatically.
  • Dangerous Downloads -- SearchScan will display warnings next to search results for sites that offer potentially dangerous software, such as viruses, spyware or adware. Users often may be unaware that these can be passed along with the screensavers, games and other software downloads.
  • Unsolicited Email -- SearchScan will alert users to scanned sites that send unsolicited emails or inappropriately share email addresses with third parties.

According to Yahoo Search Blog SearchScan will continue to evolve and improve in future.

Here is the link to original story.Link

Crawling Improvements from MSNBot


Reported at Live Search webmasters Blog, Msn/live now introduce some more improvements in MSNBot.

Now you can slow down the MSNBot if you want to, just like you can do to GoogleBot via webmaster central. You need to change settings in your robot.txt file to implement these changes.

Here is the link to the original press release. Link

Yahoo Search Update Is In Process!


Yahoo search index Update is in process!

Reported by Sharad Verma | Yahoo Search, at Yahoo Search Blog,

"Yahoo is in the process of rolling out changes to its crawling, indexing and ranking algorithm".

Here is the official statement at Yahoo Search Blog. Read Here

PageRank Is Changing!


The green bar is on move again! PageRank updation has been started.

According to Wikipedia,
PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set.
Many of my clients website got an increase in there page rank in recent days. Though some of the internal pages got a decrement too.

These changes in result noted within previous week.

Anyone else got there pagerank increase or decrease?

Cross Domain Sitemaps Support By Search Engines!


SEOAfter a long time GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and YAHOO join together for better search results and making the website indexing more ease.

Announced at there respective blogs Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are now supporting the sitemaps hosting on different domain.

Previously if you have a website www.website.com than the sitemap should be like www.website.com.sitemap.xml. But from now on you can host the sitemap on differ4nt domain too. If you own another website ww.website2.com, you can host its sitemap on www.website.com. All you need to do is include sitemap location in robot.txt file of a domain.

Here is the official statements of the three.
Google Statement About Cross Domain Site Map
Microsoft Statement About Cross Domain Site Map
Yahoo Statement About Cross Domain Site Map

Yahoo Is Opening Yahoo Search!


SEO And Here we have something from Yahoo again....

Announced at Yahoo Search Blog by Vish Makhijani - SVP & GM, Yahoo! Search , Yahoo is opening Yahoo Search itself now.

According to Yahoo, now website owners can supply there website data to Yahoo and can see rich results that incorporate that massive amount of data.

Moreover Amit Kumar, the product lead for the open search platform, will be discussing this issue at a special lunch talk (Session time: 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.; Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, Great America J) at SMX West.

Here is the original story. LINK

Another Move By Microsoft..Internet Explorer 8!


SEO And it seems that Microsoft want some serious progress....

Offering to acquire Yahoo and even pressurize Yahoo t accept the deal.

Then Opening its code of its top products for developers to build open source software

and Now Internet Explorer 8.

Reported at wired, Microsoft has sent out invitations to a limited number of testers allowing them to participate in a beta testing of upcoming Internet Explorer 8. According TO Microsoft It will soon be available for public beta testing.

Here is the original story at wired. LINK

And this is the text of original mail from Mcrosoft to limited beta testers of upcoming Internet Explorere 8. LINK

Yahoo Speaks At Last!


SEO Yahoo chief executive Jerry Yang spoke at last at the Interactive Advertising Bureau conference on Monday about the Microsoft Offer for Yahoo.

According to Yang,
We can’t say a whole lot about the process that we’re going through,” Yang said. “We’re very focused. We’re taking the proposal that Microsoft has given to us seriously… It’s been a galvanizing event for everyone at Yahoo. Our board is spending a lot of time thinking about all the alternatives. It’s something that we need to think through carefully.” Borrowing from the same, carefully-worded key points, Decker also referred to the Microsoft deal as a “galvanizing force internally and externally.
Here is the full story. LINK

Yahoo Answers And Search Engine Ranking!


SEOSure you all know about Yahoo Answers. A user driven advance form of Forums.

At Yahoo Answers real people ask questions and real people answer those questions. So whats the big deal?

Now think as an black hat SEO..

Yahoo Answers can help in your site off page optimization. It not only drive targeted visitors to your website but also increase indexing and ranking in Search Engines.

Yes! Yahoo Answer is using NO-Follow Tags but still even a no-follow link from Yahoo Answer worth, secondly No-Follow Links gives you almost same advantage as a do follow link. Read Here

So to begin, create a new yahoo id with real name (not yours) and sign in at Yahoo Answers. Go Advance In search field, here type the keyword related to your website industry and then chose Open Question. Now hit Search.

This will bring you all the questions related to your website industry. Now, check which questions you can answer easily or the ones on which you have already created pages on your website. Answer those questions and if needed put your link with your answer and If you don't have a webpage on your website regarding the question, than give some informative website related url.

Yes! there are proven results of increase in ranking by using Yahoo Answers. The reason behind why Google gives important to a link from Yahoo Answer is simple i.e Relevancy And Uniqueness/Freshness.

So try yourself and see the results!
Don't Spam but use the service for good.

Another Google Bomb!


SEOAnd once again, we have another Google Bomb.

Search WHO IS FAILURE or WHO IS A FAILURE on Google and you will get BUSH PAGE on top result.

Reported by Search Engine Land here: LINK

Microsoft Trying To Impress Yahoo By Going On The Same Path!


SEOAnd here comes another WOW.

After Yahoo's press release at Yahoo Search blog about moving towards OPENNESS, Today reported by BBC that Microsoft too want some openness in its business.

Microsoft announce to open its technology of some of its leading software. Microsfty also assures in fact promised not to sue the developers to make the edited software availble for non-commercial use.

Here is the link of original news. LINK

And one more interesting thing i never know is that..

Microsoft hires a company that specializes in TAKE OVER DEALS to buy YAHOO

Isn't it interesting?

Yahoo - Moving Towards Openness!


SEOHere is an interesting move from Yahoo after rejecting the Microsoft offer.

Yahoo has implemented the world's largest commercial application of Apache Hadoop for its search webmap. Hadoop is the application that produces the index from the webpages crawled by Yahoo.

According to VP Yahoo Search Engineering, at Yahoo Search Blog "this move from YAhoo is a part of longer strategy of moving towards openness".

Here is the complete Press Release and related link
Link 1

Google Video Ads Are Up!


SEOAt last Google starts testing its video ads service in search results. Reported by SearchEngineLand and on different sources including New York times, Google has started testing his video ad service in its search results from this Thursday.

The service has been testing on very limited basis, thats why very few people evidence it. However Searchengineland captured an image shot of video ad some while ago; so here you can see how that video ad looks

As per NewYork Times,

"At first, users will barely notice the change because the videos will not be immediately obvious. Ads with accompanying videos will have a small button with a plus sign. Google has increasingly used the plus icon to indicate that certain information — like a map — can pop up on a search results page. Users that click the plus button on an ad will see a small video player that shows a commercial, movie trailer or other clip."

Here are some links that has some info regarding Google Video Ads.

Google And Nokia - Connecting Together!


SEO Although we don't see Yahoo and Microsoft merger but we do see the merger of two giants of their respective industries. Announce today via there press center, Google Announce that from now on it will provide its search functionally in Nokia search application. Currently it will begin in select markets with the Nokia N96, Nokia N78, Nokia 6210 Navigator and Nokia 6220 classic.

Here is the link of official press release: