Cross Domain Sitemaps Support By Search Engines!


SEOAfter a long time GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and YAHOO join together for better search results and making the website indexing more ease.

Announced at there respective blogs Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are now supporting the sitemaps hosting on different domain.

Previously if you have a website than the sitemap should be like But from now on you can host the sitemap on differ4nt domain too. If you own another website, you can host its sitemap on All you need to do is include sitemap location in robot.txt file of a domain.

Here is the official statements of the three.
Google Statement About Cross Domain Site Map
Microsoft Statement About Cross Domain Site Map
Yahoo Statement About Cross Domain Site Map

Yahoo Is Opening Yahoo Search!


SEO And Here we have something from Yahoo again....

Announced at Yahoo Search Blog by Vish Makhijani - SVP & GM, Yahoo! Search , Yahoo is opening Yahoo Search itself now.

According to Yahoo, now website owners can supply there website data to Yahoo and can see rich results that incorporate that massive amount of data.

Moreover Amit Kumar, the product lead for the open search platform, will be discussing this issue at a special lunch talk (Session time: 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.; Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, Great America J) at SMX West.

Here is the original story. LINK

Another Move By Microsoft..Internet Explorer 8!


SEO And it seems that Microsoft want some serious progress....

Offering to acquire Yahoo and even pressurize Yahoo t accept the deal.

Then Opening its code of its top products for developers to build open source software

and Now Internet Explorer 8.

Reported at wired, Microsoft has sent out invitations to a limited number of testers allowing them to participate in a beta testing of upcoming Internet Explorer 8. According TO Microsoft It will soon be available for public beta testing.

Here is the original story at wired. LINK

And this is the text of original mail from Mcrosoft to limited beta testers of upcoming Internet Explorere 8. LINK

Yahoo Speaks At Last!


SEO Yahoo chief executive Jerry Yang spoke at last at the Interactive Advertising Bureau conference on Monday about the Microsoft Offer for Yahoo.

According to Yang,
We can’t say a whole lot about the process that we’re going through,” Yang said. “We’re very focused. We’re taking the proposal that Microsoft has given to us seriously… It’s been a galvanizing event for everyone at Yahoo. Our board is spending a lot of time thinking about all the alternatives. It’s something that we need to think through carefully.” Borrowing from the same, carefully-worded key points, Decker also referred to the Microsoft deal as a “galvanizing force internally and externally.
Here is the full story. LINK

Yahoo Answers And Search Engine Ranking!


SEOSure you all know about Yahoo Answers. A user driven advance form of Forums.

At Yahoo Answers real people ask questions and real people answer those questions. So whats the big deal?

Now think as an black hat SEO..

Yahoo Answers can help in your site off page optimization. It not only drive targeted visitors to your website but also increase indexing and ranking in Search Engines.

Yes! Yahoo Answer is using NO-Follow Tags but still even a no-follow link from Yahoo Answer worth, secondly No-Follow Links gives you almost same advantage as a do follow link. Read Here

So to begin, create a new yahoo id with real name (not yours) and sign in at Yahoo Answers. Go Advance In search field, here type the keyword related to your website industry and then chose Open Question. Now hit Search.

This will bring you all the questions related to your website industry. Now, check which questions you can answer easily or the ones on which you have already created pages on your website. Answer those questions and if needed put your link with your answer and If you don't have a webpage on your website regarding the question, than give some informative website related url.

Yes! there are proven results of increase in ranking by using Yahoo Answers. The reason behind why Google gives important to a link from Yahoo Answer is simple i.e Relevancy And Uniqueness/Freshness.

So try yourself and see the results!
Don't Spam but use the service for good.

Another Google Bomb!


SEOAnd once again, we have another Google Bomb.

Search WHO IS FAILURE or WHO IS A FAILURE on Google and you will get BUSH PAGE on top result.

Reported by Search Engine Land here: LINK

Microsoft Trying To Impress Yahoo By Going On The Same Path!


SEOAnd here comes another WOW.

After Yahoo's press release at Yahoo Search blog about moving towards OPENNESS, Today reported by BBC that Microsoft too want some openness in its business.

Microsoft announce to open its technology of some of its leading software. Microsfty also assures in fact promised not to sue the developers to make the edited software availble for non-commercial use.

Here is the link of original news. LINK

And one more interesting thing i never know is that..

Microsoft hires a company that specializes in TAKE OVER DEALS to buy YAHOO

Isn't it interesting?

Yahoo - Moving Towards Openness!


SEOHere is an interesting move from Yahoo after rejecting the Microsoft offer.

Yahoo has implemented the world's largest commercial application of Apache Hadoop for its search webmap. Hadoop is the application that produces the index from the webpages crawled by Yahoo.

According to VP Yahoo Search Engineering, at Yahoo Search Blog "this move from YAhoo is a part of longer strategy of moving towards openness".

Here is the complete Press Release and related link
Link 1

Google Video Ads Are Up!


SEOAt last Google starts testing its video ads service in search results. Reported by SearchEngineLand and on different sources including New York times, Google has started testing his video ad service in its search results from this Thursday.

The service has been testing on very limited basis, thats why very few people evidence it. However Searchengineland captured an image shot of video ad some while ago; so here you can see how that video ad looks

As per NewYork Times,

"At first, users will barely notice the change because the videos will not be immediately obvious. Ads with accompanying videos will have a small button with a plus sign. Google has increasingly used the plus icon to indicate that certain information — like a map — can pop up on a search results page. Users that click the plus button on an ad will see a small video player that shows a commercial, movie trailer or other clip."

Here are some links that has some info regarding Google Video Ads.

Google And Nokia - Connecting Together!


SEO Although we don't see Yahoo and Microsoft merger but we do see the merger of two giants of their respective industries. Announce today via there press center, Google Announce that from now on it will provide its search functionally in Nokia search application. Currently it will begin in select markets with the Nokia N96, Nokia N78, Nokia 6210 Navigator and Nokia 6220 classic.

Here is the link of official press release:

Microsoft's Proposal For Yahoo And Google's Efforts!


SEOAnd Microsoft make a WOW Move by un-expectingly bidding $44.6 billion to acquire Yahoo. Though this move is no doubt make in a truly dramatic way, but yet some people has already predicted about this thing in past. Now the prediction come true and indeed it has come as a shock to most of us. Read the news here LINK

So lets see what yahoo and Microsoft decide, but we have another interesting move from Google too by trying to convince Yahoo that its simply not good to be with Microsoft.

Here is the official statement by David Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer Of Google. I am not copying his word here. its more fun to read it at Google's official press center blog. Read Here Link

So is something really troubling you Google?

Google And Social Search!


SEOSo at last here we have something about Social Search from horse mouth(this is idiom idiot).

In a recent interview with VentureBea, Marissa Mayer, Google’s leading VP in search, says that

"she considers social search to be an essential part of the leading search engine in coming year."

ANd one horrible thing is that your gmail inboxes can be use for this purpose.

Also covered at blogoscoped, she gives the first real word social search example too that is

Social search happens every day. When you ask a friend “what movies are good to go see?” or “where should we go to dinner?”, you are doing a verbal social search. You’re trying to leverage that social connection to try and get a piece of information that would be better than what you’d come up with on your own.
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