Ways To Build Content!


The main factor of a good SEO strategy is to add quality contents to your site. But, webmasters and business owners ask ‘How to get Quality Contents for my site?’ Here’s a few ideas to add good and relevant contents to you site:

o A calendar of events – See what is happening in your area that is related to your target market and industry. Add a calendar of related events.

o Pictures - Add Pictures of events, places, buildings, projects etc. with a single-paragraph description about them. Try to be relevant.

o Blogs & Forums - Add Blogs and Forums with your web site. Post news and product update/reviews and let people comment about them.

o Articles – or pages of interest to your target audience

o Q&A Session – let visitors ask questions related to your market / field / expertise and give them your expert opinion.

o Tips section – post tips about your business fields and let other expert post tips.

o Add FAQ Section

o Add How-to guides & tips

o History of your industry / trends in different countries

o Interviews – Take & Publish interviews of experts in your industry

o Post Videos – related to your industry or video lectures / tutorials

o Community-related pages –

The Four Points Plan To Be An Entrepreneur!


Starting an internet business or startup isn't an easy task. You need to give yours best when it comes to your own business. If you think that an ordinary person can start a business..You are wrong!

When you decide to start your business, you cross the line and move to upper level of ordinary peoples. By starting a business you tell other people that you can take risks, you don't want to take orders and you don't need someone to force you to do something in there way.

But to not to be an ordinary people you do need some skills and abilities. Skill like analyzing, ability like planning. But how much planning?

You have heard people saying that a true entrepreneur is the one who has Five years plan for his business. Do you really think someone is crack enough to make a five year plan when he is struggling to set up his business and to be fair nobody do this kind of stuff?

To make it simple all you need to know is how can you setup your business and how gonna you promote it.

When you have answers of these questions, you need to think about how you expand your business. The ways and the resources you need. The paths you need to follow, this is all you need.

To help you, here is a simple planning structure or the points you need to consider when you are willing to run your own business.

1. Write Your Business Plan
A solid plan can help you start off strong and stay that way. You need to mention How you gonna setup your business.

2. Finding Your Target Audience
The second most important setup is to know your market. Choose your target customer, then take aim in the right direction.

3. Choosing a Name
Naming your business isn't an easy task. You need to come up with a name that is catchy and not odd. Think about your branding.

4. Getting the Word Out
Planning that how will you Spread the word is as important as the word itself.

Consider these four points and you will be a successful web entrepreneur.

Google Enhance Its Cache Showing Feature!


Google has enhanced its cached showing feature. Instead Of showing Yellow high-Lighting's Its now showing the text in more structured manner. Here is the snap show of new enhance cache showing format.

Click the image to Enlarge it.

May be Google has update its cache features too.