Negative Image Optimization And The Advantage!


SEOWell unfortunately I am not a Black Hat SEO

And i didn't know bout black hat SEO tricks and tips.. but I guess using something for your advantage that you shouldn't may comes in black hat

But here is a a tip for you guys out there... in fact a proven increase your site ranking and authority with some unfair practice.

So have you heard of Image Optimization? Image Optimization is one of the major factod of Onpage SEO now but here I am giving you a rather differetn type Image Optimization that is Image Hot Linking.

Many of you already may know bout this thing and even experince it already but knowing bout something is a bit indifferent than how to do it correctly.

So basically what is Image hot linking?

Image Hot Linking is the name of process that involves using images of a website by directly linking to it. This can be done by using "img" tag and put the url of the image hosted on other website.

But what's so big about it?

Ok think that you are writing an article on Pet Care. Sure there are hundreds of articles already present on the web and almost all of them have related pictures too.

Now an article with some images, present on a web page having pagerank 6. Guess you all know what is pagerank, but a little intro doesn't harm anyone..

PageRank is a formula of Google, by which it determines the important of a web page. To rad complete and most comprehensive article on Google Page Rank, click here..

So a web page having 6 PageRank is a trusted thing in eyes of Google and all the links present on that page enjoying the transfer of that Pagerank juice..and yes..even the image.

So the image you are putting on your site is already getting Pagerank 6 juice and if you put it on your page, the flow of juice will directed to your page too.

Don't believe me ..try it out yourself and feel the difference.

Here is a tool to see which of your image is suffering hotlinking.
Image Hotlinking Checking Tool


Rebirth Of Google Bomb And Power Of Incoming Links!


SEOAnd what a day today!

Two elements has been proved is the power of incoming links and the second is the rebirth of Google Bomb.

Google Bomb is a terminology used for a trick in which a number of sites link to a single website with same or specific text link, which is not related to that website.

As reported by Google Blogoscoped, if anyone search for dangerous cult in Google, the sites which is on 1st slot is related to Scientology. Let the discussion aside that its an automatic Google bomb or defuse on purpose, but it makes something crystal clear about OnPage SEO Factors and incoming links.

Since the website doesn't have the word CULT on it, but still Google consider this page for the dangerous cult plus the term is not really related to the page.

Ain't this means that the power of incoming links is somewhat more than the Content on the page?

Here is the link of original story: LINK

The Green Bar is on Move Again!


SEOAnd once again The Green Bar is on move...

Many SEOz notices that the Google Page Rank Update has been started. Many websites and blogs are noticing the changes in their Page Rank. For your reminder, last PR update was in December 2007 LINK

Here is some discussion going on in webmasterworld forum over current Toolbar PageRank update. LINK

BeanStalk, at his blog, also reports the same thing.. that he too notices that Google Toolbar Page Rank is updating. Read his coverage here LINK

And for some fun to guess what would be you getting this time from Google, try this tool to predict your page rank..


About Some Off-Page Optimization!


SEO Off page SEO factors are as important as the on page factors while analyzing competition to enable a successful SEO campaign. Off page factor can be termed as external factors that affect SEO and these factors include incoming links, page rank etc. Offpage Optimization is optimization done off the Page, like getting relevant links from other sites, link exchange with quality relevant sites, choosing relevant anchor text from the perfect location on the different pages of different sites etc. Off-Page optimization is basically consist of link building, brand building and increase visibility of your website.

seo guide

Link building is the process of building your site to generate more backlinks and pointing traffics from other websites to your sites. Link building is important to search engine optimization because it is one of the factors to consider in getting to the top of a search engine result page. Link Building may includes some of the following ways to increase link popularity

Article Submissions
Link Exchanges
Forum Postings
Group Postings
Social Media

Relevancy of incoming links is very important and has been gaining a lot of importance lately. The unfortunate part is that it is one of the toughest factors to gauge and hence you might end face to face with the question of what really constitutes relevancy.

Brand Building basically go hand to hand with link building. Its purpose is to make your business, your presence known by your brand name. A brand can make a site more authentic and more attractive. A presence in www world with a brand name is like a jack pot for any business. If your website is known by your brand name than all your link building campaigns become more effective and fast.

On-Page SEO with Some Changes!


SEOAn effective on-page optimization strategy is a must factor for making Google believe that you got a website that worth to be on top rankings, On page optimization now plays much bigger role as compare to past. Google algorithm used to defines links as votes for a website, but now its also considering the relation between the page and link. If you got a link from an automotive information website, than the page its pointing should somehow relate to automotive topic.

seo guide

On page optimization consists of many factors. Typically on page optimization refers to the way a page is designed and presented to help make it possible for search engines to crawl the page and to understand effectively what the page is about. On page optimization are tools and technique that are applied to a specific webpage to ensure Google that this is page is perfect for the topic its targeting which eventually result's in better rankings

On-page optimization covers many factors or elements, some more important than others. What is the connection between web design and search engine optimization services? A well performed on-page optimization means the most important content on your website is highlighted, making it more attractive to both potential customers and search engines. The elements helping to achieve this includes

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Title Optimization
  • Meta Tag Optimization,
  • Body Text/Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal Linking Structure

Keyword Research and Analysis
Keywords are the backbone of your website. In simple wordings the terms defining your website's topic and industry can termed as KEYWORDS. This factors determines the success or failure of your project. If you got a medical related site and the terms you are targeting are not related to your website's topic than your project can experience a miserable failure. The best strategy to extract keywords for your site is to think how could you find your website via serah engines? Which words would you use if you have been asked to get a website that is giving information about your industry or website topic. Make a list of all that terms you can think of that are definig your website industry, topic and the services you are offering. After that use some keyword Tool to validate those keywords. If you want More Detailed strategy to find keywords, Read Here : OPTIMIZING KEYWORDS

This is the tag which defines your website. Your title tag should contain your keywords. You should use a different and unique title tag for each page of your website, including the keywords you are targeting for that page.

There are several meta tags but important of them is only meta description tag. Keyword meta tag is not important and it can't do anything to increase your website ranking but there is no harm in using it and it should not be left blank.

The Meta description tag is used to describe your site. Search Engines can use your meta description tag to show it in search engine results. Therefore your description should contain your targeted keywords for that page. Also, search engines can penalize a site if they think your site is stuffing keywords in the description tag in an attempt to rank higher. You want a realistic description for human eyes that also contains your keywords. Each Page of your website should contain unique description tag having keywords targeted for that page.

The keyword Meta tag tells the spiders what keyword searches you would like to be directed to your page.Meta Keyword Tag includes the terms you are targetting for that page. It used to play a significant role in website ranking but not now.

This is the most important On Page SEO factor. The content of your body make search engines decide whether this page is related to the term its appearing for or not. You should unique content on every page of your website with keywords embedded in it. Every page should contain more than 300 words as spiders or search engine gives importance to pages having more than 300 words.

Utilizing your content is the most important thing in On Page SEO as it will decide the fate of your webpage. Use keywords in starting and ending paragraphs of the content. Use bold and underline tags. Don't do keyword stuffing in content instead use synonyms for the words you are using. Evidences prove that applying this technique increase ranking of a webpage.

Be careful the websites linking back to you must be relevant to your site content or the links will be dismissed. Duplicate content should always be avoided.

Conclusively On page optimization guide is important to make sure that when your site does get crawled/viewed by search engine spiders, they pick up what you want them to pick up, there are important and good content on pages that is fresh, and the page is actually about what your titles and meta information say its about. To get some advice about your website's on page weakness you may want to try and took advantage of the exclusive free service offered here. See FREE SEO SERVICES section.






Search Engine Optimization - An Introduction!


SEOMore than 90% people make use of search engines to find sites. Google claims to hold 8 Billion plus web pages in its database. It seems that a single-simple website is just a drop in the ocean. So how can you make this drop noticed by those 90% peoples?

According to an old saying,
There is solution for every single problem.
In its easiest meaning, Search Engine Optimization Or SEO is the process of making your website available for the people who are seeking it.

According To Wikipedia,
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results for targeted keywords.
Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website rank on top positions in major search engines for the related terms.


Let's say you have a website about Search Engines where you are giving information about Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Now after completing work about your site concept or industry, you need to find words that describe your website or words which you can use to find your website via search engines. These words are known as keywords for your website.

Since our example's website topic is Info About Search Engines, our keywords may includes..

1 = Search Engines
2 = Major Search Engines
3 = Search Engines Information

Now if someone searches these keywords in a search engine for example in Google your website should come in top 20 results it shows, as no one goes beyond 2nd page and if the person searching doesn’t find what he is looking for than he changes his search terms or keywords. So SEO is to make your site rank on related keywords under top 20 results in major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization categorized as

1 = On-Page SEO

2 = Of-Page SEO

All the optimization done on website itself like changing title tag or meta tags, placement of keywords is known as On-page SEO. Where as all the work done off site i.e. Link Building, Submissions etc falls in Off-Page SEO.

In coming days we will talk about On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO in details. And After that we will move to some real working SEO. So stay tune and be informed.




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