Google Adword Keyword Tool Update!

Google has Updated its Google Adword Keyword Tool. It now showing the Approx Search Volume in numbers rather than in Green bar.

Here is the screen shot of old Google adword keyword tool.

And here is the new Adword Keyword Tool Snapshot

Here is the help guide to the sections showing in Google Adword Tool,

  • Web traffic is influenced by seasonality, current events, and a number of other factors. The level of search volume on your keywords, therefore, is constantly fluctuating.
  • Location and language targeting: If you access the Keyword Tool from within an ad group, the search traffic statistics will factor in your campaign's country and language targeting (if you target a region or city, only the country will be reflected). If you use the standalone or external Keyword Tools, your country and language selections will influence these statistics. Learn about the different variations of the Keyword Tool.
  • Match type: The Keyword Tool's statistics vary depending on your selection from the Match Type drop-down menu. If you select Broad or Phrase, the tool will factor in certain variations of your keywords that could potentially trigger your ads. Learn about keyword match types.
For More Help, Here is the page, LINK.

And Hey,

Google Adowrd Keyword Tool is still showing the old Google FAVICON. RITE ??

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  1. wow! this is another great move by Google.

  2. I really like this tool by google! recently there was a bug in it. It was showing broader terms.

  3. that's great i like very much Google Ad word tool thanks for sharing with us

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