Live Search And Wikipedia: Building Stronger Relationships!


So Live Search too is now officially addicted to Wikipedia. Blogged at there Live Search Blog by Kemp Peterson, the Program Manager of Live Search, Live Search is now enhancing the wikipedia results by including the whole first paragraph and links from table of content.

That will certainly make the Wikipeida result dominating for every single query in Live Search. Here is the image shot of how will the result from Wikipedia appears now.

Here is the link to original story. LINK

Google New Favicon


So Google decide to upgrade its favicon. Here is the snapshot of Google New Favicon. I guess the previous version is more kool. What you guyz say?

7 Tips That Bring Value To Your Money When Shopping For Links!


Despite Google warning about banning the websites involve in link selling and buying, the business is still going on. So when shopping for links keep these points in your mind and you will get value for your money.

1. Link should be relevant means its better to buy link from the sites that are doing the same or related business like masks, event organizing service etc

2. Its better to have site-wide links. Site wide links are those which appear on every page of websites. Like links in side bar and after all you are PAYING for link.

3. Link in the content is best. If you can get it .. go for it.

4. PR is an important factor. No matter how much we deny

5. Domain Age, Indexing of the page are important too.

6. Rotate Anchored Text Often

7. Target students who got blogs with .edu domains.

Happy Link Shopping

SEO Myths And Wrong Concepts - Revised


Its a routine for us, seoz, that someone presents a theory that opposes the prior concepts of Search Engine Optimization and then a long debate start about that theory. And to be honest we do find some very useful info from these debates. But since every thing has a negative aspect too, many wrong concepts too become popular and get promoted by these speeches.

Its a fact that not each strategy is gonna work for everybody. So there may be arguments over it, but in general I found that these concepts are nothing but wrong. Working since 2005 in Internet marketing field, I have worked in different niches and when come to these points I can safely say that they are not as they are told.

1. NoFollow Doesn't Help You In Ranking
It Does dudes, Believe me it does...I have experimented it long time ago and now many Seoz are saying the same thing. For your convenience, here is a food for thought.

A nofollow link from 5 pagerank page which have .edu tld :)
what you say? isn't it gonna help you in ranking?

2. Internal Linking Is Your Navigational Structure
No not at all.

Your navigational structure or menu isn't enough for Strong Internal Linking. Making internal linking strong is something else. Its a link from within the content of one page of your website to the other page of your website.

3. You have to wait for at least 6 months for Good RANKING
Yes I mean ranking. Its really not necessary that you have to wait for 6 months to get good ranking in search engines. And even if your domain is new :)
I have done it and I am doing it.

4. Pagerank Is Not A Major Factor When You Go Out For Link Hunting
It is. Yes I know that many seoz including me not recommended it all the time but in general it do play an important role in your website ranking. Do the experiments and you will see how right this statement is :)

5. A Relevant Link Is ALWAYS From A Relevant Site
Not Always. A strong relevant link is within the relevant content pointing to a relevant site. Its not necessary that the topic of the site on which content is and the topic of the site to which link is pointing should be same.

6. Google Is Human
Its not. It don't give a shit bout your website value when ranking it unless you want to rank your website on 1st slot within a week on really competitive keywords or niche. Don,t believe me?
Check the results for the term mesothelioma in Google ;)

7. Old SEO TRICKS Don't Work Anymore
They do! In real they do. I have read an article some time ago that traditional ways of Search Engine Optimization (Off Page) like directory, forum, article submissions etc don't work anymore now. For your information sir, they do..

8. Social Media Sites Will Replace Search Engines
Its not possible for a tleast 5 years. Why?
How you gonna find social community of your interest ;)

9. SEO Is DEAD..SEO'z Future is not Bright


10. Content is King..
the most controversial, the most debatable

But Yes, it can be wrong.
You are thinking I am crack. Don't ya?

Well I know no one gonna believe it. And anyone can safely say that its content that make or break a site but If you want only ranking(you plan to sell the site afterwards or place links) than focus on links cause Links still play more major role in ranking than content of the site. I know that its your content that attracts links but if you have a database of some thousand pages indexed in Google and you have a little evil mind you can get on top ranking with content from nonsense generator ;). Google algo is based on Links and it remains same unless they introduce a voting system and in other words make the Google.. Social. :)

11. Google is not collecting your personnel info :P

It is. so cheer up

and yes the word Black Hat still makes me excited.

Note : Its my opinions and I am not saying that they are the last words. DO EXPERIMENTS and I am really grateful to you if you care to share those with us here.

Twitter Is down!


Checking today, I have found that twitter is down. They know bout it and they are showing the message that they are fixing it. Here is an snap shot of Twitter gone down.

Any reasons you know?

Google Backlink Query.. With Space Without Space ?


So we are (Ok ME) still having problems with info that Google is showing us about our sites.

At Google Cheat Sheet or Google Advance Operators page, Google tells us a way to check links, a website have or more commonly known as back links. According to it you can check your website / web blog back links (ok a chunk of your website back links) by typing in the following query in Google.

but if you search
(Note: there is a space between : and url)

You will get an entirely different number of links.

Here is the images. You can see the visible different number of links.

Click Here For Image | Click Here For Image

Those two queries shows a different number of same thing i.e. back links. Moreover if you are sign in with your Google account its shows you different number of links compare to when you search without signing in with your account.

So what is the reason behind it? Anyone knows?

Yahoo testing Yahoo Glue Pages in Yahoo India


Yahoo has launched Glue Pages Beta in Yahoo India. Glue Pages are specialized pages that contain an enhanced visual search result page, for select search queries. The search results that trigger the special "Glue Pages" run across searches in health, sports, entertainment, travel, technology, and finance categories.

The Glue Pages combine classic search results on the left hand column with more visual information related to your query in the middle and right section of the page. The results contain images, videos, articles and more.

Here is some more detail at search engine land about Yahoo Glue Pages. Link

Developers Party By Yahoo!


Hey Developers! Want a Party to monkeying around?

Yahoo announced to introduce its SearchMonkey Project via an official Launching party that wil be hel at Yahoo! Headquarters @ URL's Cafe, 701 First Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089on 15th may, 2008.

You need to send your name, information with your company profile to get some seats there as its come first get first party. :)

Yahoo promises to developers that they get the inside scoop on SearchMonkey, can see live demos, deep-dive on the Developer Tool, and meet with there product managers and engineers over and yes FREE food and beer.

Here is the link to original story. LINK

Yahoo! Making The Search Safer..


So Yahoo still copying Google as always :)

Yahoo announce a new feature via Yahoo Search Blog that Yahoo search engine will show which site may be harmful for your computer in there SERPS.
They are using McAfee's SiteAdvisor technology to alert users when risky websites appear in Yahoo! Search results. Currently they are scanning three types of risk that includes

  • Browser Exploits -- These are sites that can stealthily harm a user's computer or install malware simply by visiting the site. Beginning today, any such sites or pages included in McAfee's data will be removed from search results automatically.
  • Dangerous Downloads -- SearchScan will display warnings next to search results for sites that offer potentially dangerous software, such as viruses, spyware or adware. Users often may be unaware that these can be passed along with the screensavers, games and other software downloads.
  • Unsolicited Email -- SearchScan will alert users to scanned sites that send unsolicited emails or inappropriately share email addresses with third parties.

According to Yahoo Search Blog SearchScan will continue to evolve and improve in future.

Here is the link to original story.Link

Crawling Improvements from MSNBot


Reported at Live Search webmasters Blog, Msn/live now introduce some more improvements in MSNBot.

Now you can slow down the MSNBot if you want to, just like you can do to GoogleBot via webmaster central. You need to change settings in your robot.txt file to implement these changes.

Here is the link to the original press release. Link