Google Video Ads Are Up!

SEOAt last Google starts testing its video ads service in search results. Reported by SearchEngineLand and on different sources including New York times, Google has started testing his video ad service in its search results from this Thursday.

The service has been testing on very limited basis, thats why very few people evidence it. However Searchengineland captured an image shot of video ad some while ago; so here you can see how that video ad looks

As per NewYork Times,

"At first, users will barely notice the change because the videos will not be immediately obvious. Ads with accompanying videos will have a small button with a plus sign. Google has increasingly used the plus icon to indicate that certain information — like a map — can pop up on a search results page. Users that click the plus button on an ad will see a small video player that shows a commercial, movie trailer or other clip."

Here are some links that has some info regarding Google Video Ads.

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