Ways To Build Content!

The main factor of a good SEO strategy is to add quality contents to your site. But, webmasters and business owners ask ‘How to get Quality Contents for my site?’ Here’s a few ideas to add good and relevant contents to you site:

o A calendar of events – See what is happening in your area that is related to your target market and industry. Add a calendar of related events.

o Pictures - Add Pictures of events, places, buildings, projects etc. with a single-paragraph description about them. Try to be relevant.

o Blogs & Forums - Add Blogs and Forums with your web site. Post news and product update/reviews and let people comment about them.

o Articles – or pages of interest to your target audience

o Q&A Session – let visitors ask questions related to your market / field / expertise and give them your expert opinion.

o Tips section – post tips about your business fields and let other expert post tips.

o Add FAQ Section

o Add How-to guides & tips

o History of your industry / trends in different countries

o Interviews – Take & Publish interviews of experts in your industry

o Post Videos – related to your industry or video lectures / tutorials

o Community-related pages –

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  1. thanks for this useful information about seo

  2. Great post! I have tried Some of the ways you mentioned and i agree that they helps a lot

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