Google Backlink Query.. With Space Without Space ?

So we are (Ok ME) still having problems with info that Google is showing us about our sites.

At Google Cheat Sheet or Google Advance Operators page, Google tells us a way to check links, a website have or more commonly known as back links. According to it you can check your website / web blog back links (ok a chunk of your website back links) by typing in the following query in Google.

but if you search
(Note: there is a space between : and url)

You will get an entirely different number of links.

Here is the images. You can see the visible different number of links.

Click Here For Image | Click Here For Image

Those two queries shows a different number of same thing i.e. back links. Moreover if you are sign in with your Google account its shows you different number of links compare to when you search without signing in with your account.

So what is the reason behind it? Anyone knows?

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  1. If you put in a space, it's not necessarily a link.

    The command only gives you the backlinks that are no-follow, and that google counts towards your PR ranking.

    link: is just a regular search, looking for the text "link" (although without the quotes, as that would narrow the results down to that exact phrase.)

    Actually, it looks like g might be filtering out link: from the second example, as searching for "" gives almost the exact same result.

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