Google Suggestion Gone Wild!

Here are some coolest suggestion given by Google to there user. Enjoy!

8 comments :: Google Suggestion Gone Wild!

  1. Whoa, dogs don't have belly buttons?

    This was a truly informative post. I shall astound my friends and woo the ladies with this amazing factoid over cocktails this evening.

  2. sure andy


  3. that was funny! great finds btw.

  4. hahah! Google is too BOLD in answering :P

  5. hahah! see google is becoming smarter day by day

  6. upcoming time Google is smart day by day another searching engines against. amazing trick

  7. that's great
    upcoming time Google is so fast against another searching engine
    keep it up

  8. that's great up coming time i think so Google beat the all search engine
    because every week or day by day Google working very fast they gave us new thing which we need that's good point for us keep it up

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