10 Points To Consider Before Thinking Of Doing Online Business!

Many people after reading articles on Become Rich In 24 Hrs are wishing to try there luck. They start digging on for some more articles and sites on this but mostly what they find in the end is link to buy a 100 Pages book on How To Make Money By Doing Nothing. I mean come'on thats pure bullshit.

No doubt there are unlimited chances that you can secure a fortune over internet but its not this easy.

Any Business needs attention and time and in E-business this becomes more important. So If you have now some knowledge of how things work over here, you need to consider the following points or follow the following 10 Points Path to have your online business on run..

  1. Think of the idea
  2. Explore The Niche/Industry Related To Your Idea
  3. Define The Idea..Are You Giving Service or Offering Products
  4. Determine Target Audience
  5. Try to explore There Needs
  6. Draw A Draft of Website Design, Layout etc
  7. Write a list of all the features You need foe example shipping etc
  8. Think of Marketing Ideas
  9. Determine The Budget You Need
  10. Write 30 days worth of content to make sure you don’t run out.

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  1. great article! IMHO understanding your target audience is major factor for success

  2. that's great article here for us.
    i think so yea i think so think and idea both things are the main part of business.u have strong idea how can to implement your target that's easy to achieved...
    thanks for sharing with us..

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