Google Favicons Story - The Other Google Favicon's!

A favicon, acronym of favorites icon, also known as a website icon, page icon or url icon. This small icon is associated with a particular website or web page and represent it.

The standard size of favicon is 16 x 16. To display a favicon you need to add a rel attribute in the head section of website and it usually place in the root directory. In Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari favicons are displayed in all available tabs

Ok Enough.

Its not long ago that Google change its main Favicon. The old Favicon is a Capital G in a box, but the new one is small purple g.

So I decide to collect all the FAVICONS of the services or websites that are owned by Google. I am not sure that I got all of them but these are the maximum I can find. And Yup I do found some interesting stuff too. :)



These Pages are still showing the Old Google FAVICON.

The internal Pages from these pages also shows the same old Google Favicon.

Yes these are the pages which don't have any Favicon.


Google Docs

Google Pages



Google Desktop



Here is the Google Help Center Page from where you can see the Products Google Offers. LINK

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  1. great post! digg it

  2. great post! Google new favicon is not good as compare to the older purple one.

  3. great post! Google old purple logo is much better than this new one

  4. that's great post here
    i think so my opinion its older logo is better to against new logo...

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