Yahoo Answers And Search Engine Ranking!

SEOSure you all know about Yahoo Answers. A user driven advance form of Forums.

At Yahoo Answers real people ask questions and real people answer those questions. So whats the big deal?

Now think as an black hat SEO..

Yahoo Answers can help in your site off page optimization. It not only drive targeted visitors to your website but also increase indexing and ranking in Search Engines.

Yes! Yahoo Answer is using NO-Follow Tags but still even a no-follow link from Yahoo Answer worth, secondly No-Follow Links gives you almost same advantage as a do follow link. Read Here

So to begin, create a new yahoo id with real name (not yours) and sign in at Yahoo Answers. Go Advance In search field, here type the keyword related to your website industry and then chose Open Question. Now hit Search.

This will bring you all the questions related to your website industry. Now, check which questions you can answer easily or the ones on which you have already created pages on your website. Answer those questions and if needed put your link with your answer and If you don't have a webpage on your website regarding the question, than give some informative website related url.

Yes! there are proven results of increase in ranking by using Yahoo Answers. The reason behind why Google gives important to a link from Yahoo Answer is simple i.e Relevancy And Uniqueness/Freshness.

So try yourself and see the results!
Don't Spam but use the service for good.

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