Searcjh Engine Likes Search Engine Friendly Content!! Do you have it?

Search engines take in to consideration the use of content within a website along with a long list of other important factors to make an attempt to determine relevancy for internet users that use search engines, like, to find what they are looking on the internet.

Adding keywords and keyword phrases to content within the text of a website will help optimize the webpage for the keywords that you are targeting at search engines.

Creating textual links from common phrases as links that include relevant keywords within the URL links is a good idea. When done properly it will help to optimize your website for the selected keyword phases that you want you website to be listed and visible under at search engines like; Google, Yahoo, or MSN

Use bold text and header tags to emphasize important content for search engines bots to notice when they craw websites and index the content to establish relevancy.

Search engines also like relevant header tags. < h1 > < h2 >

Use these tags to help search engine identify important content within a web page.

Important text could be considered as text that contains keywords or keyword phrases that are the same as the keywords you are trying to optimizing a website for.

When you write search engine friendly content, search engines may consider your website or webpage to be more relevant that your competition and/or top competitor. This can help other webmasters and internet users find your website first, before you competition.

Check the first couple of lines of the first paragraph to see if it's appropriate to be used as a description of your page.

Some search engines are known to take the textual content the first couple of sentences of the body text to use for a description when search instead of the contents of the META DESCRIPTION tag.

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  1. Exactly every search engines likes search Engine friendly content, So it is not that you have to depend on CMS companies to generate search engine friendly design templates for you. Even if your current design templates are effective,they should easily integrate into the CMS with a few modifications. For this we have to hire an SEO consultant during the purchasing process. Well by doing so we can save thousands or even millions of dollars in expenses, Advertising and marketing costs, and staff time. If we take a proactive approach to search friendly web development.

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