Contextual Link Building

Contextual Link Building is a powerful new alternative to traditional link building tactics. A contextual link is creating by writing a keyword rich article that include an embedded link(s) to your website. The articles is then published on a website that matches the exact theme of your website. Best of all, an entire page is dedicated to your article! This means that that are no other links on the page but yours. Once the article is “live”, 10-15 backlinks are created to the article to ensure it acquires PR in due course of time.

As you have probably figured out, these links are extremely effective. Google, Yahoo, and the rest of the major search engines consider these links some of the best inbound links a website can obtain. Contextual links create permanent, 100% relevant backlinks for your website!

Contextual Link Parameters

* Creation of article based on your website theme with one or two links backs to the site with relevant anchor text.

* The links are thematic links and are considered more relevant because they are placed on a website that matches the exact theme of your website and most importantly, there is no other links on that page. So the entire page is solely for your link.

* Usability studies suggest users clicking more of links in the content than in the navigation bars, this driving more relevant traffic.

* Once the article is posted on the webmasters site we build 10-15 backlinks to the article to ensure it acquires page rank in due course time.

* Contextual links are permanent links

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