Google New TIp - Do Not Include The Word!!

In recent days I have come across several search results where Google is showing the

Tip: These results do not include the word "WORD".

at the end of the results. Its also showing an option via which you can see the results which contain that specific results.

Question is..
Why Google is neglecting some specific word in a phrase?

Its not that the word doesn't appear cause Google is showing an option to see the results with the word included.

Here is an example(click to enlarge)

google error

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  1. thanks for the info

  2. Nice I was also wondering why Google was avoiding certain end words. Now I see the reason to it.

  3. This is an interesting post.Google has become almost a basket of surprises!
    Great post indeed!

  4. Honestly it's a bit annoying at times. I've had a few searches recently that change from what would normally pop up to showing that as the default.

    While I'm sure it can prove useful it's just a bit annoying as well ;)

  5. I hate this behaviour, it makes the results misleading to me.

    They should at least let you turn it off or something.

  6. anyone got a way around this?

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