Types Of Backlinks & Ways To Get Them!

Backlinks are one of the most important parts of any search engine optimization plan. Google considers links a vote from one site to the next - which ever site has the most votes wins the race. Their are many methods for building links which include:

* Reciprocal
* Three way
* Forum
* Directory submission
* Blog Posting
* Social Book Marking

All the different types of links above should have a role in any link building strategy.

Reciprocal link
A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two websites. Example:If web site A links to web site B, and website B links to website A, the websites are now reciprocal linked. Reciprocal linking between websites is important part of any link strategy because Google uses its link popularity algorithms(A link from page one to page b is a vote - Google with page be is now a little more important.).Reciprocal Links are the best when they are from highly reputable and highly relevant sites.

The best Way to obtain Relevant Reciprocal links is to join forums and become friends with other webmasters and ask for links once you have built up a relationship. This method takes a little bit more time and effort but it is much more effective than emailing random webmasters and asking. Although Both May work the ladder is most effective.

Three way linking
Three way linking is a variation of reciprocal linking, where site A links to site B links to site C links to site A. The goal in the method of link building is to create links that appear more natural to the search engines. These links can be better than normal reciprocal links. You will most likely need to own more than one web site to implement this type of linking strategy.

Forum Links
Forums are an easy way to gain respect in the online community. The back links from forums are not used for page rank, but they are used for promoting your expertise on a subject. If you give good advice and feed back in forums - users will be more inclined to visit your sites. Add your web site link to your signature so that interested forums users can find your site easily.

Directory submission
Directory submission is an easy way to get lots of back links to your web site. Relative directories will give your site a better return, but any directory will give some results. There are thousands of directories sites on the Internet. Make sure to switch up your anchor text, descriptions and titles when submitting your site. Do not check the directories stats before submitting, it takes the same amount of time to check the directories stats as it does to submit - so don’t waste your time.

Blog Posting
Post on blogs related to your websites niche/theme. Do not spam blogs because they will delete your comment. Post relevant and interesting comments that ad to the conversation - do not post things like i really like your blog. Build up a report on the blog and the blogger might and your site to their blog roll.

Social Book Marking
Social Book Marking is a great way to spread the word about your site. Before submitting your own sites build up a report on the site and get interested in other peoples book marks. Once you have a good solid base on the site start adding your own sites and people will be much more likely to take interest in your stories/pages.

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