Understanding The Selection Of Right Keywords

A number one listing on Google can be totally worthless if it was for the wrong keyword.

  1. This post will serve as a guide to selecting the most profitable keyword in any niche of your choice, be it competitive or uncompetitive.
  2. It will discuss exactly what is needed to give your internet marketing a face lift.

Why do we need proper keywords
Keywords are like Passwords. They grant access to whatever information we are searching on the internet, but unlike passwords that need to be exactly right, keywords users are allowed a bit of guesswork until the proper keyword finally jumps at them. During this transformation, keyword users migrate from the most unsure level of understanding to the more sure level of understanding about their research topic.

Today, many webmasters have lost out on the powerful nature of On page SEO. They have completely shifted to Off Page SEO with little or no interest in On Page. You read them write or talk about Social bookmaking, link building, link selling, link exchange and directory submission to mention a few. Many of them forget to note that Link building is all about Tags and that Tags are Keywords! They forget that despite all the emphasis being laid on link building, search engine results are based on what a user request is.

Take for instance, if you are searching for a specific information on Google, Google will not prioritize results from the websites that have the most link authority in that niche, but from websites that is collectively deemed to have the most collection of data relating to the search keyword.

And how does Google checkmate this data? Keywords! , be it On Page or via tags in Link Building

During the last Free Website Analysis For Google Top 10 Positions I provided, one of the analyzed website got a top 10 position for all of its keywords in less than one week. This was a result of a few on page corrections and edited tags. As I write, this website has all its 3 keywords on first page of Google -Just under one week!

How to choose the most profitable keywords

Stages of keyword selections:

First Stage - Exploratory Keywords:
Exploratory Keywords are keywords used by searchers in their first phase of research to gather general information or knowledge about a particular topic or niche. Usually, searchers begin search request with the faintest idea they have about a particular product or service and then proceed as they know more. For example, a user can use a keyword search type like “Wrist Watch”. Checking on Google, “Wrist Watch” returns Millions of search results indicating a high competition. This type of search keyword is usually hard to rank high for and if possible, it will be definitely exhaustible and worthless. Here is the reason. Many users of Exploratory keywords are looking for information only and are not interested in buying, at least not yet.

Second Stage -Parallel Keywords:
Parallel Keywords are keyword types used by searchers in the second phase of their research to narrow down on the volume of results they have already gathered. Having known what they want, searchers use this more specific type keyword to maximize choices and check if they are missing something.

This type of Keywords are probably the best keywords for optimization as they usually lead to sales and often have a lower search volume than the Exploratory keywords. Lower search volume = Easier top rankings

This keyword type is considered the best also because of its high conversion rate since majority of its traffic is targeted .I will explain.

A user has just done a first phase research on Wrist Watches. He takes his research a step forward by comparing all/some of the various Wrist Watch makes available. He selects keywords like "Omega Wrist Watch", "Rolex Wrist Watch" e.t.c. This individual key phrases guides the searcher to know which of the Wrist Watches to go for. Having known which to go for, what follows is payment. For instance If a searcher lands on your website using "Omega Wrist Watches", usually, this searcher is looking to buy one or more of the "Omega Wrist Watches" available on your website. Like I said before, the good thing about this type of keyword is that, it is easier to rank high for and usually makes the most sales.

Third Stage -Purchasing keywords:
In the last phase of research, searchers uses keywords that are entirely specific. In this stage, users know what they want, and they are just looking for who has the best offer before they buy it. This keyword type is conclusive and users are only looking to make a purchase. For example :
"Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow GMT Steel Mens Watch"

This keyword tells us what kind of Omega watch the searcher wants to buy. It also tells us what gender the searcher wants for this particular item.

However, as good as this keyword might look, it is not best for SEO purposes. In a very competitive niche, Purchasing Keyword leaves you in the middle of a very fierce competition that eventually returns a low targeted traffic.

Points to note when selecting your keywords:

-You know your business much better than anybody else, so consider the intention of the searcher and think of a solution that your business is providing to the searcher. This really keeps you inline with picking the right targeted keyword.

-Use phrases instead of words. For example : if you are selling books, don’t optimize for books, categorize your books first I.e Comic books, Story Books

-Use keyword phrases that are common enough that people actually search for them.

-Remember that only Parallel Keywords (Specific keywords) generate highly qualified targeted traffic that increases your sale

If you target the wrong keywords, you will waste a lot of time, energy and money because you will end up having wrong people or too few people visiting your website.

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