Microsoft's Proposal For Yahoo And Google's Efforts!

SEOAnd Microsoft make a WOW Move by un-expectingly bidding $44.6 billion to acquire Yahoo. Though this move is no doubt make in a truly dramatic way, but yet some people has already predicted about this thing in past. Now the prediction come true and indeed it has come as a shock to most of us. Read the news here LINK

So lets see what yahoo and Microsoft decide, but we have another interesting move from Google too by trying to convince Yahoo that its simply not good to be with Microsoft.

Here is the official statement by David Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer Of Google. I am not copying his word here. its more fun to read it at Google's official press center blog. Read Here Link

So is something really troubling you Google?

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  1. The hypocrisy of this statement is laughable.

    Google over reaching control of the internet is a bad or worse than anything Microsoft does. At least Microsoft goes after the big boys, but Google uses their power to take down the little guys.
    The person who wrote this statement at Google needs to go to morality school and take a few lessons.

    For more to back up what I am saying, please read this post (and many of its links as well):Google Love Affair

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