Negative Image Optimization And The Advantage!

SEOWell unfortunately I am not a Black Hat SEO

And i didn't know bout black hat SEO tricks and tips.. but I guess using something for your advantage that you shouldn't may comes in black hat

But here is a a tip for you guys out there... in fact a proven increase your site ranking and authority with some unfair practice.

So have you heard of Image Optimization? Image Optimization is one of the major factod of Onpage SEO now but here I am giving you a rather differetn type Image Optimization that is Image Hot Linking.

Many of you already may know bout this thing and even experince it already but knowing bout something is a bit indifferent than how to do it correctly.

So basically what is Image hot linking?

Image Hot Linking is the name of process that involves using images of a website by directly linking to it. This can be done by using "img" tag and put the url of the image hosted on other website.

But what's so big about it?

Ok think that you are writing an article on Pet Care. Sure there are hundreds of articles already present on the web and almost all of them have related pictures too.

Now an article with some images, present on a web page having pagerank 6. Guess you all know what is pagerank, but a little intro doesn't harm anyone..

PageRank is a formula of Google, by which it determines the important of a web page. To rad complete and most comprehensive article on Google Page Rank, click here..

So a web page having 6 PageRank is a trusted thing in eyes of Google and all the links present on that page enjoying the transfer of that Pagerank juice..and yes..even the image.

So the image you are putting on your site is already getting Pagerank 6 juice and if you put it on your page, the flow of juice will directed to your page too.

Don't believe me ..try it out yourself and feel the difference.

Here is a tool to see which of your image is suffering hotlinking.
Image Hotlinking Checking Tool


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