Google SERPs' New Feature - PDF and Books!

While researching few days ago, I probably spotted some; actually two new features in Google SERP's.

One is Google showing some additional info for PDF files including Author Name, Year of Document Published, Citation And the Other Version of the document. This feature is something new for me as its not a usual case for PDF files results in Google SERP's. Here is a screen shot of one example. The good thing is that the same thing is appearing for indirectly related results like the page that contain partial information regarding the pdf version.

(Click For Enlarge)

One more feature I spotted recently is regarding Google Book Results in Google SERP's. Although I suspected that this is not new but then I haven't seen anything like that before so for me, its new at least.

This feature include the Author Name, Date Of Publication, Category of the book and the number of Pages. Here is a screen shot of that feature of Google SERP's.

(Click For Enlarge)

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