New Feature By Google For link: Query!

As we all know that recently Google completely shut down its link: query. But today while doing some research I come across with this new feature or may be bug by Google.

When you use command in Google, it verifies a website authenticity. At the same time it also shows you some further options i.e.

Google can show you the following information for this URL:

  • Show Google's cache of
  • Find web pages that are similar to
  • Find web pages that link to
  • Find web pages from the site
  • Find web pages that contain the term ""

In past, on clicking "link to" command, google shows you the links pointing to that domain by using link: query. but if you click it now, its also showing a strange code with link: query
The whole query looks like this now..

One thing I noticed is the code is dedicated for each individual site. If you change the section with some code dedicated to some other will shows the same results. Note that its still not showing the backlinks. Here are the screen shots of the new feature by Google

Search info:domain query first, it will give you the following result(click for enlarge)

Now Click the "link to" command(click for enlarge)

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