Relevancy, Google, Adwords !

So while researching for one of the client site, I come across with this MOST RELEVANT ADWORDS AD By Google. Take a look at that and rethink about Google insisting on Relevancy, relevancy, relevancy....

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  1. There are two ways in which you can see if a keyword is relevant to your web pages. If you know very well your website and this is not you first time when you try to establish the keywords relevancy then you can make an educated judgment and decide how much relevancy a keyword has. Another method is to create a set of question that describes the targeted customer of your website.

    Keyword relevancy its very important for your website because the more relevant the keywords are the more relevant the web traffic will be for your website. so knowing how to determine how relevant a keywords phrase is for an article becomes a very important assets and sometimes it can make the big difference.

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